I have an electronic scale that has fluid ounces as one of its measurement capabilities. How is it possible that a scale can measure fluid ounces , being a volumetric measurement? I see plenty of other electronic scales for sale that say the same thing, so there must be some conversion factor that can be programmed into a scale. I can... Read more →

I started with plain flour and yeast and realized the flour wasn't sufficient. Without thinking, I grabbed the available flour on my shelf but discovered it was self raising after I had mixed it all. Is that still edible? What will happen to my pizza now? Thanks- Evelyn In general, if you use self-rising flour in place of plain flour... Read more →

So. Have you ever wondered how convenient so-called convenience foods actually are? On my most recent trip to the grocery store, I noticed a package of prepared chicken for sale that had been spatchcocked and covered with spices. A spatchcocked bird is made by removing the backbone, or breastbone sometimes, and then spreading open and... Read more →

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 2 billion people worldwide suffer from anemia, many caused by iron deficiency. In so-called developing countries, half of pregnant women and 40% of preschool children are estimated to be anemic. The WHO recommends dietary diversification including iron-rich foods and enhancement of... Read more →

What is a 'Mimosa'?-Daniel In the culinary world, 'mimosa' can mean one of three things: A drink, typically served at breakfast or brunch, made from equal parts of champagne and orange juice; A preparation, similar to a deviled egg, where a hard boiled egg is cut in half lengthwise, the yolk is mashed and combined with mayonnaise and... Read more →

Is it okay to use extra virgin olive oil to season a pan?- Mary I wouldn't recommend using extra virgin olive oil, simply because you are paying a premium for the extra virgin part. That said, pretty much any cooking oil can be used to season frying pans. I use regular olive oil to season my cast iron pans, but you have to be careful... Read more →