One presentation trick I really like is food served with a soft cooked egg so that when the yolk is pierced it becomes part of the sauce for whatever is underneath. Restaurant Sorza, 51 rue saint Louis en L’Ile, Paris, serves a dish they call "oeuf poché, confit de tomates" or "poached egg & confit of tomatoes" that uses this idea... Read more →

My watercolor artist wife recently took part in an online exercise with artists who were doing illustrated recipes. Here is her 'Go-To' Lunch Salad, a mix of diced tomatoes and cucumbers, with feta. For every day it may be served with Melba toast, for other occasions, maybe some baguette. To see more of Pat's watercolors, check out her... Read more →

Rising to the Top - Of the Peanut Butter, That Is

How can I remove the oil from the top of a jar of peanut butter? Also, can I use the oil for cooking?- Tony Like you, I suspect, I prefer so-called "natural" peanut butter with no added ingredients over those made with hydrogenated oils and sugar. I find the other stuff gives it an unpleaseant texture and a cloyingly sweet taste. Ground... Read more →

Water Needed for Large Quatities of Rice

When you cook larger quantities of rice (say, more than three cups dry rice), you need proportionally less water. Can you provide a rule of thumb or a chart? I cook both white and brown rice.-- Marcia I can find no detailed reference for the amount of water needed to cook larger quantities of rice but I notice that the instructions for... Read more →