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MimosaWhat is a 'Mimosa'?

In the culinary world, 'mimosa' can mean one of three things:

  1. A drink, typically served at breakfast or brunch, made from equal parts of champagne and orange juice;
  2. A preparation, similar to a deviled egg, where a hard boiled egg is cut in half lengthwise, the yolk is mashed and combined with mayonnaise and other ingredients and then spooned or piped back into the hollow of the egg white halves; or
  3. A garnish of finely minced egg yolk sprinkled on top of other food, as shown in the picture above, so-named because of its resemblance to the mimosa flower.

 The difference between a deviled egg and an egg mimosas in the second definition is that deviled foods are, by definition, made with cayenne, hot sauce, hot mustard or some other ingredient that will give it a bit of burn.  Egg mimosas are not necessarily hot, and may contain other ingredients such as finely chopped ham.

To make the mimosa garnish, my favorite method is to simply press the egg yolks through a garlic press, either directly onto the food being garnished or into a dish to be used later.  Once pressed, however, the mimosa compresses very easily and therefore must be gently spooned onto food.

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