There used to be a restaurant in Saskatoon called Cousin Nik's that specialized in Greek fare. One of our favorites when we visited was their Greek Ribs, so imagine my surprise when I got the owner's cookbook, only to discover that some of the ingredients and methods were far from traditional. What surprised me most was the inclusion of... Read more →

One presentation trick I really like is food served with a soft cooked egg so that when the yolk is pierced it becomes part of the sauce for whatever is underneath. Restaurant Sorza, 51 rue saint Louis en L’Ile, Paris, serves a dish they call "oeuf poché, confit de tomates" or "poached egg & confit of tomatoes" that uses this idea... Read more →

My watercolor artist wife recently took part in an online exercise with artists who were doing illustrated recipes. Here is her 'Go-To' Lunch Salad, a mix of diced tomatoes and cucumbers, with feta. For every day it may be served with Melba toast, for other occasions, maybe some baguette. To see more of Pat's watercolors, check out her... Read more →

It all started with a plan to have Sloppy Joes for supper. For those not familiar, a Sloppy Joe is a mixture of ground beef in a tomato based sauce served in a hamburger bun. You can serve it sandwich style, which can be very messy, with the filling oozing out over everything, or as an open-face sandwich eaten with knife and fork. I... Read more →