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Blanching Almonds

I have a cookie recipe that requires blanching  almonds. How long should I boil them? I will be grinding them up in the blender after I blanch them.


Almonds are blanched to remove the thin brown skins, resulting in a milder flavor since the skins contain tannins which are bitter. 

According to the Food Substitutions Bible, in order to blanch regular almonds at home, carefully drop the almonds into a pot of boiling water and let sit, off heat.  After two minutes, drain them and then rub the skins off in a clean cloth kitchen towel.  A last rinse in cool water will remove the loose debris.  Dry completely.

Depending on the age of the almonds, this may take a little more than two minutes.  Do not, however, blanch them for longer than necessary, as that may soften them too much.   The amount of water should be enough so that adding the almonds doesn't cool it down too much.

Finally, if you are going to grind the almonds in a blender or food processor, take care not to over-process them as that can make the ground almonds oily.


I find that after briefly soaking the almonds and letting them steam over a bowl of boiling water makes it easier to remove skins. This does, however, make the almonds slightly lose their crispness.

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