Food Safety

Out of Date Cake Mixes

I have several out of date cake mixes, probably about two years old. I assume they would not rise properly as the baking powder in them has lost its potency. Would they work if I added fresh baking powder? What would be the proper amount, if so? Thank you, although I suspect the answer will be, "try it and see."--Geri You are likely... Read more →

Keeping Easter Eggs

How long can you keep boiled easter eggs without refrigeration? How long can you keep boiled eggs in the fridge? Please, we need this answer A.S.A.P.--Ed I assume when you ask how long can you keep boiled Easter eggs without refrigeration, you mean ones that you intend to eat afterwards. If so, then the general food safety rule holds... Read more →

How Long will Leftover Turkey Keep in the Fridge?

We roasted a fresh turkey un-stuffed on Thanksgiving and the left-over pieces have been stored in the refrigerator in it's own container. How long is too long to safely consume the left-over turkey? Thank you. --Betty In our house, most of the leftover turkey is consumed for late night snacks or lunch the next day as Turkey Buns. In... Read more →