Fruits and Vegetables

Freezing Green Tomatoes

Can green tomatoes be frozen? We love fried green tomatoes and we have a lot of green tomatoes that we hate to throw away. I was wondering if they can be saved by freezing.--Don Fresh tomatoes, red or green, can be frozen by simply removing the hard portion at the stem end using a sharp paring knife. Place the whole tomatoes in a single... Read more →

Tomato Concassé

I have a recipe that asks for "tomato concassé". What is it and how is it used?--Julie Tomato concassé (pronounced "kon-kah-SAY") is a dice of tomatoes which have been peeled and the seeds removed. Recipes that use concassé are striving for a finer result, showing that you cared enough about the quality of the final product to remove... Read more →

Black Spots on Potatoes after Boiling

Sometimes, when I boil potatoes, after I drain them I find gray or black spots on the surface. What is this, and are they still safe to eat? -- Marianna Those spots are caused by a chemical reaction involving iron, the phenolic compound chlorogenic acid and oxygen. Because it occurs more often at the end of the potato closest to the end... Read more →

Refrigerating Avocados

Q: Is it all right to store avocados in the fridge? Avocados don't ripen on the tree. After they are picked, they ripen best at temperatures between 60°F and 75°F (15°C and 24°F). If you keep an unripened avocado in the fridge, it can go straight to spoiled without ever completely ripening. This is because the ripening process is... Read more →