Meat and Proteins

Give It a Rest

Why should you rest meat after cooking it?-- Darren Resting meat serves three purposes. First, it allows the meat to finish cooking through, Straight out of the oven, or off the fire, the outside of a piece of meat is hotter than the middle. The difference in temperature can be quite large. During resting, the heat from the outside... Read more →

Fixing Over-Salted Food

How can I remove the "over-salted" problem in a cooked pork roast. I adjusted the sauce with red wine vinegar and brown sugar,which helped, and cut off the outside edges of roast. I have heard that adding a peeled potato to soup that is overly salty will reduce the salt. Is this true?--Susan There are only a few ways to deal with... Read more →

Chicken Oysters

Whenever I read instructions on how to cut up a chicken, the writer seems to invariably talk about the 'oysters'. What are they and how do I find them?--Sandy They oysters are small tender pieces of dark meat situated just forward (toward the front of the chicken) of where the thighs meet the backbone. Because they do very little work... Read more →