Bean and Barley Soup Nana

When our children came along, my Mom decided that she wanted them to call her Nana, so that became her name in later life. This soup was a family favorite. It is a hearty soup, perfect for cold days. If you want, replace the beef with lamb or mutton to make Scotch Broth. Makes about 16 servings. Bean and Barley Soup Nana Amt... Read more →

Cappuccino Panna Cotta

This isn't supposed to be a recipe website (Lord knows, there are enough of those around!), but sometimes I'll find a recipe that is just so-o-o-o good that I want to publish it. So, here is a great recipe for a tasty dessert: Cappuccino Panna Cotta Makes 6 half-cup servings 1 cup Milk 2 cup Whipping Cream - Divided 1/2... Read more →