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Eating with Your Eyes First

It is frequently said that "People Eat with Their Eyes First", meaning of course that they usually get to see the food before they taste it and a bad visual appearance will impact their experience even before they taste it.*

I have recently started using Pinterest to relay images from KitchenSavvy, as well as post pictures from some of my favorite travel and food experiences and my wife, Pat's beautiful watercolors.

It was Pat that pointed out to me that if you want a Master Class on the do's and don'ts of garnishing and presentation, you need go no further than Pinterest.  Try seaching for 'gazpacho', like she did, and you will see a variety of presentations, some quite appealing, others ... let's just say 'less so'.  Try other seaches, maybe 'beef wellington' or 'vichyssoise'.

Masterclass indeed.  Pinterest can be an endless source of new garnishes and presentation ideas.


* If you know who originally said "People Eat with Their Eyes First", let me know.  A quick internet search shows everyone is saying so, but I couldn't find an attribution.

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