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Can you freeze tzatziki? I have gallons of it left after a wedding.  help!

-- Wendy

This was kind of answered in the posting on Freezing Cream Cheese Dips.

The chances are that your tzatziki may exude some water after it has been frozen and then thawed.   If so, I would recommend pouring that off rather than trying to stir it back in.

The flavor should still be OK after freezing, but the texture may become grainy, depending on the amount of fat it contains.   If it does turn grainy, there is not much you can do to remedy that.   To help reduce the chances of it becoming grainy, you could try stirring in some heavy cream, although doing so will thin out the flavor and make it more runny.  If the tzatziki was made from full fat Greek Yogurt, or otherwise has a high fat content (more than maybe 12%), you may be OK, anyhow.

If you have the time, try freezing a small amount and then thawing it out the next day to see what happens to the texture.  Otherwise, I would package it into serving portions, freeze the lot and hope for the best.

Either that or eat tzatziki for breakfast, lunch and supper!

The longer you keep it frozen, the more likely the texture will be affected.   It should, however, keep for three months or more.


I freeze it! When you thaw it, add some sour cream. Good as new....maybe even better

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