Rancid Flour

Hi I substituted white whole wheat flour in a Challah recipe that says to use just whole wheat flour. I found that it tasted and smelled like play dough. Is there a difference in white whole wheat flour and whole wheat flour. If so what is the difference? Do you have any good idea for a whole grain healthy Challah?--Julie By... Read more →

A Pizza Find

For years, I have been trying to make a good thin crust pizza. When my wife and I were in Italy several years ago, we really enjoyed a pizza we had in Rome, near the Trevi Fountain. The crust was so thin and crisp that it was almost cracker like. I tried everything I could think of to make a crust like that -- varying the water/flour... Read more →

Out of Date Cake Mixes

I have several out of date cake mixes, probably about two years old. I assume they would not rise properly as the baking powder in them has lost its potency. Would they work if I added fresh baking powder? What would be the proper amount, if so? Thank you, although I suspect the answer will be, "try it and see."--Geri You are likely... Read more →

Breadmaker Jewish Rye Bread

If you own an automatic breadmaker and are getting tired of the same old loaf with the paddle hole in the bottom, then you should try using it for something new. I frequently use my bread maker as a mixer/proofer and then shape the loaf by hand to cook in the oven. The following recipe is for Jewish-style rye bread, based rather loosely... Read more →