Egg Wedger

Generally, I am not a fan of unitaskers, those kitchen tools that have only one purpose. An asparagus steamer or a fish poacher may be just the tool for the job, and if storage space is never a problem, you may want one of each, but for a practical home kitchen, we just don't have enough room for every device that comes along. That said... Read more →

A Pizza Find

For years, I have been trying to make a good thin crust pizza. When my wife and I were in Italy several years ago, we really enjoyed a pizza we had in Rome, near the Trevi Fountain. The crust was so thin and crisp that it was almost cracker like. I tried everything I could think of to make a crust like that -- varying the water/flour... Read more →

Breadmaker Jewish Rye Bread

If you own an automatic breadmaker and are getting tired of the same old loaf with the paddle hole in the bottom, then you should try using it for something new. I frequently use my bread maker as a mixer/proofer and then shape the loaf by hand to cook in the oven. The following recipe is for Jewish-style rye bread, based rather loosely... Read more →

Pop-up Turkey Thermometer

This past Christmas we bought a turkey with one of those plastic pop-up thermometer thingies in it. It got me to wondering: How do these things work, are they reliable, and can they be reused?--George Although some people refer to them as timers, they are actually thermometers, as you note, since they indicate the temperature of the meat... Read more →

Care of Copper Pots

I have what I believe to be a copper pot. At least it has copper on the outside. I've cooked pasta in it many times and it works great. However, once I kept the leftover pasta in the pot and put it in the fridge. A day or two later when I took the pasta and pot out of the fridge, the pasta was discolored…I think it was green. But... Read more →

Blending Hot Liquids

Why is it that when you blend hot liquids they blow the lid off the blender if you aren't holding it in place?--Dave Actually, the science of this is pretty straight forward. As you know, when you heat a gas, it expands. So, you put hot liquid into the the jar of the blender and put the lid on. At this point you have a near boiling... Read more →

Brewing Coffee

There are so many appliances available nowadays to make coffee. What is the best way to brew coffee in order to get the best flavor?--Sylvia If you like a smooth well flavored coffee without a lot of bitterness, then you want to use water that is just off the boil, somewhere around 200°F (93°C), give or take about 5°F (3°C). Much... Read more →

Meat Dries Out in Slow Cooker

I've just started using a slow cooker, and have had pretty mediocre results in keeping my meat moist vs. conventional cooking. For example, the chicken always seems overdone and dry. Even my beef stew has been on the dry side, with my latest one almost inedible (not tough--just dry) after 7.5 hours on Low. My question is: Am I simply... Read more →