Blind Baking

Q: What does the term "blind baking" refer to? When making pastries, tarts, flans, quiches or other items with a crust, it is sometimes necessary to bake the shell before the filling is put in. This helps prevent the filling from making the crust soggy or keeping it from cooking completely. It also allows you to cook the crust at a... Read more →

Seasoning Frying Pans

Q: What does it mean to 'season' a frying pan? How is it done? To season a frying pan means to treat it with oil so as to create a non-stick coating. This is usually done to cast iron pans. The oil fills any microscopic holes in the metal and then dries like a shellac, sealing the surface. Since Teflon coated and hard-anodized aluminum... Read more →


Q: In a recipe I read recently it said to use a ‘bain-marie’. What is this and how does it work? A bain-marie is a water bath made by placing a container in which you are cooking something into another vessel with water in the space between. It is used for delicate dishes such as egg custards or sauces that may be damaged by too much... Read more →