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Hot Idea - Hot Bread Kitchen

"Did you know that of the 6000 bakers in NYC, only 16% are women and only 500 are immigrant women?

... Maseca, a processed corn flour, has replaced fresh ground corn in most commercial tortillas.

Domestic workers in New York are 99% foreign-born and 93% of these workers are women of color."

Facts from @hotbreadkitchen

If you haven't heard of the Hot Bread Kitchen, or even if you have, this video is worth watching.  Jessamyn Rodriguez, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of award-winning Hot Bread Kitchen, has found a way to bring together what are clearly two passions - making great bread and empowering foreign-born women through culinary workforce training and a business incubation programs.

Watching the video, I was amazed, again, at how simple food like the most humble bread, can be the source of great opportunity and a means to enlarge the human spirit.

How do you, through your calling whatever it may be, enhance the lives of others?

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