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Not Ready for Prime Time, Too. Chef Buddy Digital Measuring Cup

It seemed like a good idea, the Chef Buddy Digital Detachable Measuring Cup Scale, a measuring cup with a built in digital scale so you can weigh as well as measure. Imagine a measuring cup with a digital scale built into the handle.  Since I love making bread, the idea of a measuring cup that I could use to weigh liquids sounded like a perfect solution.  Precision baking, and a second scale so that I could work with dry ingredients on one scale and wet on the other.

I bought one to try out.  Good idea but bad execution.

The Good:

  • Large 2 cup capacity with clearly readable scales for cups, fluid ouncecs and milliliters.
  • The body of the cup is removable and dishwasher safe.

The Bad:

  • The readout is in the handle, one or two inches from the bottom and vertical, and the lines of the digits are little more than a hairbreadth thick, meaning that you have to stoop down to almost counter level to read anything.  The back-light on the display is of little help.
  • The tare button, used to zero out the reading, is below the display and placed so that you can't help but move the cup around trying to zero the weight.  With a bit of practice I got it to work OK, but if you aren't vigilant, you just might find that it didn't tare properly.

The Ugly:

  • The slide that lets you remove the cup is awkwardly placed and has a lot of movement in the channel guide so that it binds, and has a gap that could allow liquid to get inside the handle quite easily.  Granted the instructions say not to submerge the handle, but it isn't reasonable to expect you to use the device and keep it completely dry all of the time.
  • The first time that I removed the cup, a small plastic piece on the handle came off, allowing the release button to slide loose and jam completely. 
  • When the cup is removed, the base and handle are not stable and will tilt or fall over.
  • Perhaps worst of all, compared to the scales I have already, the Chef Buddy seems to be about 0.5% to 1.0% off.  98 grams of water shows as 99, and 592 grams as 598.  It may not seem like a big deal, but in baking, especially in bread, a 1% error can affect the end result quite a bit.

In my opinion, this is a device that might have had promise, but was so poorly executed that I couldn't possibly recommend it to anyone.

The one I have?  Next garage sale, it will have a new home.

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