Dairy and Eggs

Beating Egg Whites - How Cream of Tartar Helps

While you mentioned that cream of tartar, in a properly sealed container, can be kept indefinitely, I used mine last evening and the beaten egg whites did not turn out to be stiff as described in the recipe. I suspect the culprit is my cream of tartar being too old, even though it was kept in a tightly sealed container.-- Lucy Cream... Read more →

How Can You Prevent a Cheesecake from Cracking?

How can you prevent a cheesecake from cracking? --Sr. Celine Cheesecakes crack because the filling expands during cooking and then contracts while it cools. If the filling is not able to relieve the stress caused by this contraction in some way, it cracks. There are a few ways to help prevent cracking, according to Harold McGee. They... Read more →

Crunchy bits in Parmesan Cheese

I notice in Parmesan cheese sometimes that there are crunchy little grains. What are they and what causes them? Do they mean that the cheese is no longer good?--Anja The grains you are noticing are crystals of either calcium lactate or the amino acid tyrosine. Tyrosine is formed by the breakdown of proteins in the milk. It precipitates... Read more →

Keeping Easter Eggs

How long can you keep boiled easter eggs without refrigeration? How long can you keep boiled eggs in the fridge? Please, we need this answer A.S.A.P.--Ed I assume when you ask how long can you keep boiled Easter eggs without refrigeration, you mean ones that you intend to eat afterwards. If so, then the general food safety rule holds... Read more →

Crème fraîche

What is crème fraîche? I have several recipes that call for it but I can't find it anywhere. --Eva Crème fraîche [pronounced 'krem FRESH'] is a common ingredient in French cooking. It is a fermented cream product with 30% or more butter fat, by weight, and is used to garnish soups or desserts. It is also used as an ingredient in... Read more →

Freezing Tzatziki

Can you freeze tzatziki? I have gallons of it left after a wedding. help! -- Wendy This was kind of answered in the posting on Freezing Cream Cheese Dips. The chances are that your tzatziki may exude some water after it has been frozen and then thawed. If so, I would recommend pouring that off rather than trying to stir it back in.... Read more →